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ABS Kingdom Endowment

Are you looking for a "one stop shop" for charitable planning? Want to use one larger Endowment account to benefit all your favorite charities versus multiple smaller Endowment accounts?

Then please consider the American Bible Society Kingdom Endowment. This is our newest gift plan which God has allowed us to create — just as we pioneered the first Charitable Gift Annuity in 1843.

Benefits of your Kingdom Endowment

  • When you are in heaven, your Kingdom Endowment lets you continue your lifetime gifting patterns.
  • Provides funding for building God's eternal Kingdom by enabling you to support multiple charities from one account.
  • Allows flexibility to change your charity list during your lifetime.
  • Your Kingdom Endowment automatically sends annual gifts to your list of charities.

How your Kingdom Endowment works

  1. You fill out a simple application that includes your list of charities.
  2. You commit a minimum of $100,000 or more.
  3. You may fund your Endowment now and use stocks, real estate, IRA rollovers, etc.
  4. You may fund your Endowment later from your estate via Will bequest; beneficiary designations from your IRA or investment accounts; Transfer on Death of real estate; insurance designations; etc.
  5. For twenty (20) years we send annual checks to your list of favorite charities from half (50%) of the net payout of your Kingdom Endowment.
  6. For the first twenty (20) years half (50%), and then perpetually thereafter all (100%), of the net payout of your Kingdom Endowment supports the Bible Cause ministries of American Bible Society.

Contact us

Please contact us to inquire about the wide range of assets you may use to fund your Kingdom Endowment both now and/or later. We are here to serve you and to answer your questions. Thank you for your interest in creating a lasting legacy from a portion of what God has entrusted to you.